What’s the best way to care for dentures?

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Do you wear a denture? Do you know the best way to keep your smile clean and healthy with a denture?

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Denture hygiene is essential for enjoying a healthy smile and fresh breath. Thoroughly cleaning your denture is a must to remove the daily build up of bacteria, plaque and oral debris. Dentures are porous and can accumulate bacteria and fungus which increases a patients risk of developing gum disease.

Dr. O’Malley helps patients rebuild their smiles after tooth loss from the comfort of his Simpsonville, SC dentist office. Our dental care team can help provide you with personalized solutions for enjoying your optimal oral health. Dr. O’Malley offers some general advice on how to maintain oral hygiene while wearing a denture.

How To Clean Your Denture
Prevent halitosis, gum disease, and irritation- clean your denture and your gums!

It is important to clean your denture at least once every 2 weeks with a denture cleaning tablet. The tablet can be dissolved in a cup of water and the denture is placed in the water and left to soak overnight.

Patients are encouraged to brush their denture with a soft-bristled toothbrush without toothpaste. Toothpaste is slightly abrasive and can damage your denture. Routine brushing of all surfaces of the denture help keeps your smile fresh by preventing the build-up of bacteria and fungus. Brushing is recommend at least twice a day, but ideally after each meal or snack. Effective cleaning of dentures helps you enjoy oral cleanliness, prevents bad breath and tissue irritations that could impact your ability to eat and speak.

Soak the denture at least once every 2 weeks with an Efferdent or Prevident tablet. Place the denture in a denture cup, fill with water until the denture is totally submerged. Placed the tablet in the cup and allow it to sit overnight.

Gum Health and Dentures
Taking care of your denture is just as important as practicing good oral hygiene for your gums and jaw. Proper care of the soft tissues on which a denture sits can help keep your smile healthy. Massaging the gums can be done with clean hands or a gentle brushing with a toothbrush. It recommend that the denture is removed from the gums for an extended period each day so that you can clean your denture and massage your jaw. Removing your denture daily will help you avoid developing halitosis- bad breath, and prevent irritation of the gums or growth of excess skin.

Like your shoes, your denture should be removed before going to sleep each night. Dr. O’Malley always recommends removing your denture while you sleep. Your soft tissues need a rest and removing your denture during sleep allow your denture time to get clean, and your gums to air out.