If you are receiving a hip or joint replacement, your physician may recommend that you take an antibiotic prophylaxis as part of your treatment protocol. Antibiotic prophylaxis involves ingesting an antibiotic one hour prior to your dental procedure to combat expected bacteria in the bloodstream as a result of your dental treatment.

When you receive a dental procedure in which bleeding occurs, bacteria from the mouth is introduced to the bloodstream, where it circulates throughout your entire body, including joints where a prosthetic has been placed (such as a hip replacement). These bacteria can deposit and colonize on the prosthesis, resulting in a bacterial infection and a complication for the joint replacement. Antibiotic prophylaxis is recommended prior to the dental appointment. Once ingested, the antibiotic is able to combat the bacteria introduced through the mouth, reducing the amount of bacteria in the bloodstream and, subsequently, the risk of joint prosthesis infection.

Dr. Ryan O’Malley will consult with your orthopedic surgeon as well as your physician to determine if antibiotic prophylaxis is right for you. To schedule a consultation with our dentist in Simpsonville, South Carolina, and learn more about how hip and joint replacement is connected to oral health, call O’Malley Dental today at 864-962-4140.