Are you embarrassed by your smile?

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018Do you feel too embarrassed to share your smile?
Feeling self-conscious of your smile can hold you back and keep you from doing the things you love most. Dr. Ryan O’Malley can help you restore the health and beauty to your smile.

Over the years teeth naturally yellow, and often times chip or break. Some adults experience orthodontic relapse after having received orthodontic care as children or have lived their whole lives feeling self-conscious of their crooked teeth. Accidents or gum disease may have caused you to lose a tooth or several. Whatever your cosmetic dental concerns are, there are cosmetic solutions that offer natural looking and long lasting results.
Remember: cosmetic concerns may be damaging to your oral health!

If improving the appearance of your smile is not motivation enough to consider a cosmetic smile makeover think about this- most cosmetic dental concerns are a result of or can cause more complex dental concerns. Cosmetic dental concerns can affect the function and health of your smile. Repairing minor cracks, replacing missing teeth and straightening your bite can improve your oral health and result in a beautiful, balanced smile.

Dr. O’Malley offers comprehensive, personalized cosmetic treatment plans. Our dental care team helps patients address the underlying functional issues affecting their smile. This allows for longer lasting results and a healthier, more beautiful smile.

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Do you have questions about which cosmetic solutions are right for you? Are you ready to enjoy a flawless, natural-looking smile? Contact O’Malley Dental for a cosmetic consultation. Dr. O’Malley will assess your oral health, the aesthetic of your smile in order to offer you the best possible cosmetic treatment plan.

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