Smoking and the use of other tobacco products cause your gums and supporting bone structure to slowly deteriorate, eventually leading to tooth loss, gum recession and other problems. Additionally, tobacco products slow the healing of wounds, reduce your senses of smell and taste, and stain your teeth and dental restorations to make your smile less attractive. Using tobacco products also greatly increases your risk of developing periodontal disease and oral cancer. In fact, you are six times more likely to develop periodontal disease if you smoke and four times more likely to contract oral cancer.

Tobacco contains nicotine, an addictive substance, which can make it very difficult to quit. Fortunately, there are many methods and resources available to help you. Do not be discouraged if you have difficulty quitting. Each case is different — some individuals stop abruptly, while others take small steps, seek counseling, or use medications or other products to help reduce their nicotine addiction.

Our caring dentist and team are here to help you and will work with you to develop a tobacco cessation plan and recommend resources for your use.

We welcome you to contact our office today to schedule an appointment with our dentist and learn more about our tobacco cessation program. We are excited to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.