Dentures & Partials An Overview

Are you looking for more comfortable and permanent options to replace your old dentures? O’Malley Dental is your denture care center in Simpsonville, SC.

When several, or a full arch of teeth are missing, a denture or partial denture has been the long withstanding treatment option for restoring function to your smile. Today’s patients enjoy not only a wider range of options for tooth replacement, but results that are more stable, natural looking and comfortable.

Dr. O’Malley places dentures, partial dentures and implant-supported dentures in our Simpsonville dental office. We use advanced techniques and quality materials for the best possible result. He works with patients on an individual basis to meet their unique dental health needs and cosmetic goals. Dr. O’Malley restores smiles that look and feel great.

Implant Dentures: What Are the Benefits?

Dentures can be permanently secured using dental implants for natural function, providing several key benefits to your long term overall health:

  • Reduced bone loss in the jaw: the implanted post serves as a prosthetic tooth root and stabilizes bone tissue.
  • Stabilizes jaw structure: a secure denture that does not move around on the gums not only minimizes bone loss but also helps to maintain the shape and structure of the bite.
  • Ability to enjoy a normal, varied and healthy diet: no food restrictions mean you can enjoy and chew your favorite foods, including those that support your overall health.
  • Speaking with confidence: without fears of a slipping denture, patients can speak clearly and engage others with confidence for the best possible quality of life.

Dentures & Partials What to Expect

The first step in the restoration of your smile after tooth loss is a thorough exam and consultation with Dr. O’Malley. He will evaluate all aspects of your dental health and discuss your medical history and treatment goals before recommending the most suitable tooth replacement options.

If dental implants are being placed to secure your new denture or partial, Dr. O’Malley will schedule the surgical implantation of the posts and allow for several months of healing before placing the final restoration.

Dental impressions will be taken once the gums have healed or as the initial step if dental implants are not being used to secure the denture. A temporary denture will be placed to provide interim function and allow the gum tissue to adjust to the new appliance and shrink to their new shape.

The final restoration will be placed after this healing period using a new set of impressions and adjustments can be made in the coming weeks to ensure that your new smile is functioning well and feels comfortable.

Immediate Dentures

For patients who do not want to wait for their new smile to be placed after tooth extraction, there is the option of placing an immediate denture. Using initial impressions taken before extractions, a denture is placed right away for immediate function and aesthetics.

Patients having an immediate denture placed will need to return for periodic adjustments for comfort as the gums heal and modify in shape after extraction.