Dental Implants An Overview

Restoring a beautiful, healthy smile after tooth loss is easier than ever with the use of dental implants to replace a missing tooth or secure a denture or dental bridge. Dr. Ryan O’Malley has advanced training in implant dentistry. We provide full in-house services for the placement of dental implants.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants replace not only the crown, or visible part of the lost tooth, they also provide a prosthetic root to support healthy bone structure. Traditional replacement options, especially removable appliances, are not able to stabilize the structure of the jaw and the loss of bone once tooth roots were gone. This often leads to changes in the shape of the jaw and lower face that could age your appearance and impact your ability to speak and eat normally.

Benefits of Implants for single or multiple teeth include:

  • Prevention of bone loss (when a tooth is removed, the body dissolves the bone that supported it. If an implant is placed, this bone is maintained).
  • Neighboring teeth are not compromised (Teeth adjacent to the missing tooth space do not have to be altered to accommodate a bridge or partial denture).
  • Acts like a natural tooth in daily oral hygiene, and therefore is easier to brush, floss, and keep clean than a bridge.
  • Collects less food and debris than a partial denture.
  • Does not have to be taken in and out of the mouth like a partial, it is fixed in place.
  • Is less intrusive to the mouth in contrast to a partial denture where a framework is involved.
  • An implant will not decay (this is a risk with a bridge or partial denture).
  • If the implant crown chips or cracks it is easier and cheaper to replace one crown than an entire bridge.

Benefits of Implants for Denture Stability:

  • Prevents bone loss.
  • Anchors the denture to the ridge/jaw thereby stabilizing the denture, preventing it from “bouncing around” in the mouth while eating, chewing, speaking, and laughing.
  • Prevents ulcers, sore spots, and unfavorable growth of soft tissue (epulis) associated with ill-fitting dentures.
  • Aids in better chewing for improved eating and nutrition.

Dr. O’Malley works with patients who have lost teeth, or face a tooth extraction, on an individual basis. Taking the time to fully evaluate the condition of your smile and discuss your personal dental health goals is the foundation of a personalized treatment plan that will provide the best possible result.

Dental Implants What to Expect

implant dentist in simpsonville scThe dental implant consists of three parts. It will require about as many visits after your initial consultation to completion. We use advanced digital technology for more precise treatment planning and a more predictable result.

Dr. O’Malley can typically perform all phases of your treatment in the comfort of our Simpsonville dentist office.

  • Post: the first step is the strategic implantation of the tiny, titanium post into the jaw bone. This step requires several months of healing time.
  • Abutment: a collar shaped piece that is placed on the post and will be used for securing the final restoration, a custom dental crown. The abutment is placed once the gums have healed.
  • Dental crown: the final restoration of your new tooth is the attachment of a custom made dental crown to the abutment. Once in place, your new prosthetic tooth is stable, permanent and will function like a natural tooth.