Teeth Whitening Simpsonville, SC

Teeth Whitening An Overview

Looking for a quick and painless smile makeover?
Teeth whitening in Simpsonville SC

Teeth whitening can take years off of your smile in as little as a couple of weeks with a custom take-home kit. Dr. O’Malley offers professional teeth whitening that is safe, convenient and will boost your smile confidence.

There is a wide range of over the counter teeth whitening options, but a custom professional kit available at O’Malley Dental can offer superior results using bleaching trays that fit over your teeth. Used daily, they can whiten your smile and erase tooth stains and discoloration that comes with age for a younger looking smile.

Dr. O’Malley will work with you to ensure that your whitening treatment will be safe and effective for your unique smile. During your visit, Dr. O’Malley can evaluate the cause of your tooth stains or discoloration. He will offer alternative treatment options if it is determined that your concerns may be resistant to bleaching products.

There are alternative cosmetic dental treatments that can whiten your teeth with more permanent results. These can include porcelain veneers, tooth bonding and dental crowns. Discussing your cosmetic goals with Dr. O’Malley can help you make the right choice for your goals.

Teeth Whitening What to Expect

Dr. O’Malley offers convenient take-home teeth whitening that uses custom fit bleaching trays and professional products. We recommend completing a routine dental cleaning and exam prior to taking home a teeth whitening kit.

We will take impressions to be used in creating your custom trays. This will ensure that the bleaching products will be applied evenly across tooth surfaces, while avoiding irritating your gums and soft mouth tissue.

Dr. O’Malley will provide instructions on how long to wear the bleaching trays each day. Most patients are instructed to use the trays for about two weeks, with periodic touch ups as needed. Avoiding dark beverages such as teas, coffee and red wine can help to maintain your fresh new smile.

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