Dental anxiety, or a fear of visiting the dentist, is a leading cause of poor oral health in adult patients. There are many reasons for feeling anxious about receiving dental care, from a fear of the noise and smell often associated with a medical office to memories of a previous bad experience in the dentist chair.

Dr. O’Malley will work with you to discuss your personal fears and try to identify the particular cause of your dental phobia so that we can find a solution to making your visits pleasant and relaxing. Maintaining the health of your teeth and gums is important and has an impact on your daily quality of life, overall health and physical well being.

Fear of the Dentist solutions in Simpsonville SC

Solutions for Dental Anxiety in Simpsonville, SC

Our office is designed to be warm, welcoming and a place where patients are treated as individuals. If you have a fear of the dentist or a dental procedure, our team will work with you to provide as much detailed information as possible to reduce your stress. For many patients who have had a previous bad experience, the personalized care and attention they receive during their visit to O’Malley Dental calms their fears and enables them to relax in the dentist chair.

Dr. O’Malley offers oral conscious sedation for patients who would like to feel completely relaxed and stress free while remaining alert during treatment. During your visit, he will discuss your medical history and recommend the most appropriate option for your needs and personal safety.

  • Oral sedation: Dr. O’Malley can prescribe an oral sedative that will provide conscious sedation. This often requires and at-home dose and patients will need an escort to and from the appointment.
  • Nitrous Oxide: known as “laughing gas”, nitrous oxide is administered through a tiny cannula placed beneath the nose. The inhaled gas takes effect and wears off almost immediately, making it convenient for patients who can leave without assistance and resume their day in most cases.

Tips to Make Your Dental Visit Pleasant

There are several ways you can alleviate dental anxiety before visiting your dentist in Simpsonville, SC. Prepare your mind and your next dental visit can be less of a pain. Try the following advice from Dr. O’Malley, and you can be on the fast track to great dental health.

Bring a trusted friend. Dental anxiety usually leaves you frozen with fear. Find a friend that understands your issues, and can take the time to accompany you to your next appointment. Having someone there that you personally know can help tremendously. Friends have each-others back and can motivate each other in times of need.

Bring your own music. We do our best to accommodate everyone that visits our dentist office. Although, everyone does not have the same taste in music. Bring your own iPod or listen to music on your phone with headphones to keep yourself comfortable.

Ask a lot of questions. We are here to help, not judge! We work with patients of all backgrounds and issues, and are well trained. Give us a call at [new_patient_phone] with any questions, and we will be more than happy to clarify. Research shows that patients have more confidence when they come in with prior knowledge of how treatments work.