Dr. O’Malley offers treatment options for your dental concerns, from minor tooth decay or damage to more complex problems including lost teeth or sleep apnea. Seeking treatment for oral health related concerns is important- untreated dental problems can affect your overall health and well being. Over time, small dental problems can lead to larger, more complex problems that may impact your quality of life and require extensive dental care to resolve.

Dentist office in Simpsonville, South Carolina

Our Simpsonville dental office welcomes new patients and can provide personalized care for your dental concerns. Our focus is on the health and function of your smile and we work with all of our patients on an individual basis to help them maintain, restore or enhance the appearance of their smile with appropriate dental care.

Dr. O’Malley provides experienced care for your restorative or cosmetic needs and will thoroughly evaluate your dental health during your visit, looking for the warning signs of developing dental problems. Early treatment can often be conservative and highly effective.

Common Dental Concerns

There is a wide range of things that can negatively impact your dental health, from trauma to disease to medications and genetics. Dr. O’Malley has dedicated many hours to continuing education in dentistry with a focus on the health and function of the bite, or occlusion. During an exam, he performs a comprehensive analysis of not only how the teeth and gums appear, but how the jaw is moving and whether your teeth are making proper contact. Optimal oral health also relies on the temporomandibular joint(TMJ), or jaw joint, to be moving comfortably and in a natural position so as not to place uneven pressure on the teeth or to stress the jaw muscles.

Here is a list of the most common dental concerns that we treat in our office:

  • Tooth decay: Also known as dental caries, or cavities, tooth decay should be treated as early as possible to avoid damaging the strength and integrity of the tooth and root structure.
  • Tooth damage: Chipped teeth and cracked teeth can be the sign of an underlying bite problem.
  • Missing teeth: Teeth that are lost due to infection or trauma should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Bleeding gums: This is often the first sign of gum disease and should be addressed early to stop progression.
  • Snoring and Sleep Apnea: If you snore, discuss with Dr. O’Malley to determine if oral appliance therapy is needed.
  • Fear of the Dentist and dental anxiety: No one should miss a dental appointment due to fear and anxiety. We are a team of judgement-free dental professionals dedicated to improving your smile for the long-term.
  • Crooked Teeth: We can fix a single crooked tooth with cosmetic dentistry, or mild to moderate orthodontics issues with Invisalign.

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If you are concerned about your dental health or looking for a dentist in the Simpsonville area, contact O’Malley Dental. Our office provides a warm, welcoming and “judgment-free” environment where we hope patients feel relaxed and well-informed about their oral health. Contact us at [new_patient_phone_span] or request an appointment online.